Q: Can you tell me the last time you updated all of your lists?

A:  We are constantly updating our emails data lists. We are proud that our email lists are the best. Our email lists are updated on a monthly basis.

Q: Is Your email list current, active, valid and live?

A: yes We have a software that check our email lists weekly. As a result, we provide you with a list of valid email completely

Q: What payment method do you accept ?

A: Bitcoin,Litecoin,Ethereum,Bitcoin Cash and Monero.

Q: When I make payment,will I immediately get list of emails ?

A: YES Usually, you will receive a link to download lists of emails to your computer as soon as our system receive notice and confirms your payment and unit which you paid for.

Q: In case I paid but did not receive the download link what should I do?

A: Be patient! Maybe payment system errors at any stage or website system updates slowly.